HLM XPS Sandwich panels
HLM XPS Sandwich panels features

Our XPS Sandwich Panels consist of three layers, including two outer surfaces made of fibre-reinforced plastic and an inner Extruded Polstyrene Foam core.

Extruded polystyrene is produced from polystyrene, by extrusion. It can be manufactured in the form of board in different size, edge and surface shape and with different compressive strength, according to the intented use and the place. XPS foam is rigid foam providing a strong, yet lightweight and flexible insulation solution which is resistant to water absorption, making it ideal for a range of building and commercial applications.

XPS Panels enhance energy efficiency while ensuring structural integrity. With a high R-value, they prevent heat transfer and reduce heating/cooling costs. They are also resistant to water, making them suitable for humid areas. These panels offer easy installation, saving time and labor. They also contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation.

By choosing our XPS Panels you benefit from quality insulation, durability, and ease of installation. Our panels optimize energy efficiency, enhance structural integrity, and support environmental consciousness in both construction and transportation sectors.

Our XPS Panels find widespread applications in various industries. XPS sandwich panels are well-suited for cold storage facilities, warehouses, mobile homes and refrigerated transportation. The superior thermal insulation properties of XPS help maintain low temperatures and prevent heat transfer. In the construction sector, they are commonly used for external and internal wall insulation, roof insulation, and floor insulation. Additionally, they can enhance the thermal efficiency of cold storage facilities, warehouses, and commercial buildings.

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