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Our Range Of FRP Panels

PetCore Sanwdich Panel
Hexacore sandwich panel
EPS Sandwich panel
XPS Sandwich panel
PlyWood Sadwich panel
HLM PU Sandwich Panel Cutway
HLM Reinforced frp panels
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Our FRP panels dimensions are available up to 14500 mm in length & 3200 mm in width.

(GRP) Polyester skin types:

We have a wide range of available polyester skin types and colours.

Click here for more information about our skins:

Core Material:

We are able to produce our FRP Panels with all available core materials. Click on one of the boxes above or contact us if you would like to use a different material or learn more about our core materials.

Due to our modern manufacturing processes we are able to produce our FRP Panels with inlays & reinforcements for:

  • Lashing rails
  • Kick plates
  • Cross members
  • chassis connection
  • Reefer connection
  • Cable channels
  • Etc.

We are able to produce our FRP Panels with multiple layers of different materials.

If requested by the customer, we are able to produce our FRP Panels with inserted profiles.

An example of this would be to have Aluminum or steel profiles in the floor panel for the chassis connection.

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With our multiple assembly lines and highly experienced assembly team, we are able to assemble everything required by the customer.

This could be the assembly of profiles, locks, hinges, inside/outside lights, subframe or even the entire box.

With our close suppliers we are able to have your own profile produced and assembled by us.

As we know the importance of having rigid and good looking accessories we work closely with some of the best suppliers for body work accessories in order to offer the highest quality.

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