HLM’s FRP composite panels enable commercial vehicle body builders and contractors to construct and assemble quickly and simply. The top quality components and laminates, all certified by reputable bodies, make end products comply with the most strict quality assurance limits.

HLM International uses hi-tech processes and work-flow to produce custom-made FRP panel solutions for truck- and trailer body builders and construction companies all around the world. Because of our years of experience in producing panels we can offer the best advice and solution to all our clients. We follow the wishes of our clients and produce their panels custom-made.

We deliver top quality panels and that is why our clients can make top quality end-products. HLM International has the leading position in panel production for as well as standard as special projects, in the east of Europe and surrounding countries.

Our panels are produced with the best raw materials on the market so that our panels are not only cost efficient but also effectively insulated and reliable while also being light weight and built with highly durable materials to last a long time. Our panels are made out of layers raw material that come together to be the best quality panels that are available in east of Europe and surrounding countries.

We produce our panels to the customers desires. So, that means the panel can contain 2 layers of polyester, a layer of xps foam and birch plywood, or no plywood at all. We use adhesive inbetween every layer for strong, long- term, best quality panels.


We use all sorts of polyester types but we mostly use High Gloss polyester with a gelcoated surface with superior glossy finish, used for comercial vehicles, caravans and motorhomes. We also use High Matte, High İmpact with a woven roving for extra durability, AntiSlip for floorings, Gelcoated GRP laminate with CSM, Gelcoated GRP laminates with woven roving and Non-gelcoated GRP laminates.


We prefer using birch plywood for our panels because it has a long-term performance and it is durable against abrasion. The plywood surface is hard and smooth, it has a high water and moisture resistance and is stable in the temperature range from -40 ° C to +50 ° C (-40 ° F + 122 ° F). Birch plywood can be processed easily, can be painted, hold nails and it is compatible with the finishing materials like polyester and XPS foam and is available in several thicknesses.


We use Extruded Polysterene Foam also known as XPS. Extruded polysterene foam is a closed cell material that offers alot of benefits in insulation of sound and temprature.

  • Good thermal insulation
  • High mechanical strenght
  • Hilgh water and vapor resistance
  • Chemichal resistance
  • Good bonding properties
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use