Over 100 years of experience

Many years ago HLM was founded by 3 leading Dutch truck and trailer body building companies: Heering, Lamboo, Mulder. Together they had over 100 years of experience in the production of truck and trailer bodies.

İn origin HLM started as an industrial production company of high quality closed plywood and insulated truck bodies.

HLM became a panel factory which produced insulated panels in a fast, modern way. With its own system of using specialized composite profiles, the insulated bodies could be assembled into units.

When the years passed, the owners changed, but the name HLM had become a worldwide brand. İn 2010 HLM moved to Izmir and the name became HLM International.

At this moment we can proudly tell that HLM International has become THE specialist of client-specific FRP panel building in the east of Europe and surrounding countries.

In the production of our panels, quality and satisfaction of our clients are our main priority. Our team is always, together with the client, thinking of the most suitable solutions.

HLM guarantees the best quality!


Our R&D team works together with the sales and production department which means that every customer request can be checked before proposing a panel solution to them.
Before accepting the order, every new kind of panel is being tested in order to validate its performance. Our R&D department is always busy with innovation of our panels, searching for new materials and new and modern solutions.

Our logistic solutions

Because most of our customers find it difficult to arrange the transport of their orders we always help them with it.

Our import-export department is always willing to find the best way of transport in consultation with the customer. This can be road transport by truck  or sea transport by ship. Sometimes, in case of emergencies, we arrange the transport by airplane.

Of course we always package all panels with upmost care because we want our products to be safely delivered at your doorstep.

Our import-export department will provide you all the desired information about your transported orders.

In our products we only use raw materials of best quality

Our panels are produced with the best raw materials on the market so that our panels are not only cost efficient but also effectively insulated and reliable while also being light weight and built with highly durable materials to last a long time. Our panels are made out of layers raw material that come together to be the best quality panels that are available in east of Europe and surrounding countries.

We produce our panels to the customers desires. So, that means the panel can contain 2 layers of polyester, a layer of xps foam and birch plywood, or no plywood at all. We use adhesive in between every layer for strong, long- term, best quality panels.


We use all sorts of polyester types but we mostly use High Gloss polyester with a gelcoated surface with superior glossy finish, used for commercial vehicles, caravans and motorhomes. We also use High Matte, High İmpact with a woven roving for extra durability, AntiSlip for floorings, Gelcoated GRP laminate with CSM, Gelcoated GRP laminates with woven roving and Non-gelcoated GRP laminates.


We prefer using birch plywood for our panels because it has a long-term performance and it is durable against abrasion. The plywood surface is hard and smooth, it has a high water and moisture resistance and is stable in the temperature range from -40 ° C to +50 ° C (-40 ° F + 122 ° F). Birch plywood can be processed easily, can be painted, hold nails and it is compatible with the finishing materials like polyester and XPS foam and is available in several thicknesses.


We use Extruded Polysterene Foam also known as XPS. Extruded polysterene foam is a closed cell material that offers a lot of benefits in insulation of sound and temperature.

The advantages of using XPS:

  • Good thermal insulation
  • High mechanical strength
  • High water and vapor resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Good bonding properties
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use

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Sales Conditions

Working At HLM International

If you are interested in a job at HLM, you can let us know by sending an email info@hlm-int.com

Or of course you can take a look at this website or our facebook page to see if there are new vacancies.

Internship At HLM International

We offer place for developing and learning to students who are interested in the sandwich panels construction business. There is room for students in every department of our company: the factory, the pre-processing, the innovation, office, etc.

If you are looking for a nice, instructive, international internship, you can always contact us by email info@hlm-int.com